y name is Miljenko Cmrecak and I live in a small town

in the north of Croatia called Mursko Sredisce. My wife and I fell in love with a Russian Blue cat named Ecija. Thanks to her we created our first cattery Blue Bell in the early 90's. She gave us an unbelievable amount of beautiful moments, fun trips, a lot of new friends, and the joy of raising new generations of amazing blue "snowflakes". Unfortunately the war, economy and other obligations forced up to give up our hobby. We decided after the death of our oldest cat, Glauko at the age of 18, to start anew, and so, Saphirra and Dante became the beginning of our cattery "Annabell Blue".

As a breeder and lover of cats, and as a veterinarian, people often ask me why did I chose Russian Blue cats and how did the win me over? They are extraordinary cats. Delicate, thick silver fur, deep green eyes with the elegance of a puma. They are also very intelligent. They place a lot of trust in their family and are wary of strangers. They are patient cats with which your children can enjoy the beauty of growing up with animals. They seek affection and care which they will gladly return.