nnabell Blue is a small cattery that we run from within our

home and it has one or two litters per year. Our goal is to breed cats of the highest quality, with great genetics, and standard which can be taken to shows.

Kittens are evaluated for their quality soon after their birth. Kittens whose purpose is to be bread are sent to another cattery at around four or five months of age when we are sure that it is a show cat. Kittens that are chosen for families leave us at the age of around 14 to 16 weeks. They are castrated or sterilized, vaccinated, without parasites and with negative test for viral feline diseases (FIV, FIP, FeLV). We expect the new owners to keep the cat indoors at all time, or if they insist on being outside, to be on a leash.

There is no waiting list so we kindly ask for you to contact us via email or telephone. We will gladly answer all of your questions.